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Bravuro Cellars

What is Bravuro?

When we named our business, we started with a blank slate. Ideally, we wanted one word that described us, our goals, our wines, and our business model. ‘Bravuro’ (pronounced brah-voo-roh) means a display of boldness or daring, great skill, and energy in doing something.

Our foray into the wine business was a daring move, a true act of bravuro. Our wines, big and bold, are a testament to this spirit. And the audacity to introduce hot-climate, small-batch, hand-crafted, full-bodied and robust, distinctive red wines into the heart of Oregon Pinot Country was a true act of bravuro.

We also wanted a logo that would communicate warm/hot-climate, small-batch, hand-crafted, full-bodied, robust, distinctive, ultra-premium red wines. Since our business model is contrary to all other Oregon wineries, we wanted a logo/label that colored outside the lines.

We sought the expertise of the Oregon State University—College of Business—Graphic Design department to assist us in creating a logo/label that would reflect the essence of our brand. The talented Dan Anecito submitted the winning design, further enhancing the credibility of our brand.

Our logo, an abstract painting of a matador’s cape in motion, symbolizes each batch's artistry and handmade quality while helping visualize the meaning of the word 'Bravuro' through color and shape.  The flash of brilliant bold red mimics the motion of the wines it contains, creating a smooth connection between the wine and the meaning of Bravuro.

We are Bravuro.