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Bravuro Cellars

COVID-19 Physical Distancing and Occupancy Protocols:

  1. In order to maintain six feet physical distancing requirements, we have seven stations: 3 seated stations x 4 people each; 2 seated x 2 people each; and 2 standing (at tasting bar) x 2 people each. Our maximum occupancy is 20 people. Other parties must wait outside and stay at least six feet apart.
  2. Patrons must remain at least six feet apart when ordering, tasting, and paying.
  3. Parties are limited to four people.
  4. Signs are posted: a) COVID-19 Symptoms; b) ask employees and customers with symptoms to stay home; c) COVID-19 Risk Awareness; d) list who to contact if they need assistance; e) Personal Protection Guidelines (e.g., washing hands); f) Maximum Occupancy to maintain physical distancing requirements.

Infection Prevention Measures:

  1. We require all employeees to wear cloth, paper or disposible face coverings. We recommend that customers wear face masks, but it is not required.
  2. Meticulous hand hygiene (frequent and proper handwashing) is of utmost importance for all employees.
  3. Hand washing - or use of a hand sanitizer - is required after handling any items used by customers (e.g., wine glasses, credit cards, currency). Only employees may touch iPads; we will sign "X" on behalf of customers to avoid contact.
  4. We disinfect customer-contact surfaces between each party including seats, tables, tasting menus (already in acrylic display stands) and all other touch points.
  5. We regularly perform cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting activities.
  6. We have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer available for customers.

Operational Measures:

  1. We have discontinued self-service operations (e.g., olive oil tasting, water container, crackers).
  2. Wine Tasting Menus are either single use pieces of paper or in acrylic display stands that will be wiped down between parties.

Cleaning and Sanitization Guidelines

  1. We frequently disinfect all common areas and touch points, including payment devices.
  2. We disinfect customer-contact surfaces at tables between each party including seats, tables, wine tasting menus, and all other touch points.
  3. We routinely clean and disinfect all frequently touched items such as iPads, keyboards, telephones, remote controls, kitchen surfaces, tables and chairs, desks, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, and equipment.
  4. For sanitization, we use EPA-regustered disinfectants. We utilize disposable sanitizing wipes to clean frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis.
  5. We developed a cleaning checklist with timing required for various surfaces.
  6. We frequently sanitize our wine dump bucket.
  7. We sanitize all wine glasses after every use.
  8. We wash all stemware in a dishwasher.

We do not take reservations; we are first-come, first-serve. Patrons can order wine on our webstie and/or buy wine on-site without ordering ahead. Patrons may request curbside pickup.